Shelby is a line of Furby "friends" released in 2001. It was more aimed at an older audience with its spunky additudeand personality. At the time, Furby sales were dwindling due the the shear amount of supplies and colours available. Tiger decided to release one more Furby friend to squeeze as much life as they could out of the franchise. Though Shelby was very popular when it was first released, most people passed it off as "just another Furby". After only one year of manufacturing and two generations of Shelbys, production was halted for shelby and furby. In early 2002, The furby franchise was officialy dropped from the market. Leaving many store owners marking down Furby products to as little as 5 dollars. Shelby speaks Shelbish, Furbish and english. For more info on Shelby's naitive language, click here.