Robonagi is a furby fake that was released in 2000, around the time the popularity of the furby was starting to decrease. They were made by the company Topix. Robonagis come in colors such as orange, red, purple, etc. Their eyes, instead of being rounded, are pentagon-shaped. They have 1 eye color, lavender. Gigabot can also "walk" across the floor with wheels. Gigabots can communicate with furbies or other gigabots.


The box is about the same size as a furby box. It has a cylander shape to it, instead of being a pentagon shape like furbies box. The box copies phrases off of the original furby box, such as "the more you play with me, the more i do", "teach me, play with me, care for me, love me", and other ones.


Bulinagis are the enemy robot to the Robonagi. They were also made by topix. The only difference between Robonagi and Bulinagi are that Bulinagi usually have darker colors.