You can use the Furby App to feed your 2012 Furby. Sometimes, the Furby will drop stuff when you feed it.

Jawbreaker: Tooth

Sock: Keys

Apple: Core

Cotton candy/Rock candy: Stick

Sushi: Rice

Escargot: Shell

Popcorn: Kernel

Soda: Crumpled can

Scallop: Shell

Boba Tea (Smoothie with jelly pearls): Cup with jelly pearls.

Carrot: Carved Furby totem

Fish: Bones

Ribs: Bones

Pufferfish: Puffed pufferfish

Puffed pufferfish: Barf

Barf: Barf or hairball

And many more!

Different personalities will like other food, for instance, Popstar likes sushi, Valley Girl does not like escargot, and Hard-as-nails likes gross stuff (Sock, underwear, moldy cheese, ect.)