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New Special Editions In Time For Black Friday!

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Happy Thanksgiving Furby!

If you live in the states, we wish you a happy thanksgiving!Edit
If you don't, you're probably preparing for the holiday season. So we wish you a merry Christmas, a happy Hanukkah, a happy Kwanzaa (Even though they're far away excluding Hanukkah!)Edit
Or just a happy winter season.Edit
Some people hold HUGE feasts, others organize elaborate parties at the office, and some have ugly sweater parties! Why not include a furby in all the festive fun!? This month, two of the first Furby BOOM! Special Editions have made their way onto store shelves in America and The UK (And soon Canada!) Just in time for black Friday and the holiday season! Festive Sweater and Teal Scales will be sure to please at any holiday celebration! Festive Sweater will blend in flawlessly at an ugly Christmas sweater party (or any holiday party), while Teal Scales will be perfect at a tree decorating party! Featuring glossy feet, ear, and faceplate finishes, along with a special box and fur pattern that will guarantee their limited edition sticker stays true! So to all of you hardcore furby collectors out there, be sure to scoop up one! OR BOTH! Before they're gone!Edit

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Furby Wiki The Big Furby Wiki of The World And The New Gallerys Is More PhotosEdit

Furby Boom In North America

Furby Boom is here! In stores and online in North America!Edit
The latest in the family of interactive Furbys, Furby Boom makes us all realize how far furbys have come from their original counterparts.Edit
A long time has passed since the production of Furby 1998.Edit
Numerous crowds, Hundreds of dollars spent, Many children overjoyed, and lots and lots of controversy!Edit
These are the makings of the ideal toy rushes.Edit
And furby is no exception! In fact, in 2 months, Furby celebrates it's 14th birthday!Edit
November is the month, and we here at the wiki couldn't be happier! So, enjoy the all furbyness here on the wiki!Edit

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1998 FurbyEdit
THE First Prototype Furby Commercial!Edit
Multicolored Beaks! YAY!Edit

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Now Is Furby Boom. Is Season 2 of Furby EpisodesEdit
in 2012 2013, What Day Is Coming Season 2?Edit

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The Commercial That Started It All...Edit

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Furby Party Rocker with old furby Sloop da whoop!Edit

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