This episode has been banned due to hncruzmo and peppa pig falling in lava
hncruzmo: where am i

peppa pig: your on a stamper builder. hncruzmo

hncruzmo: OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!

peppa: don't be a baby

hncruzmo: *punches peppa at lava* DIE STUPID PIG!!!!!!!!!


peppa is now on the hospital

doctor: what is that

2 hours later...

mummy pig: are you okay hncruzmo!!

hncruzmo: yes... a destroyer is destroying my house...

mummy pig runs

destroyer punches hncruzmo at the lava

hncruzmo: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

mummy pig: HNCRUZMO!!!!!!!!!!

Daddy pig: are you okay hncruzmo...

hncruzmo: no

Daddy pig kills the destroyer

hncruzmo is now on hospital...