The Gigabot is another Furby fake. The Gigabot is a robot, it actually looks like one. The Gigabot acts like a Furby, but has a totally different language, because its a robot.

Gigabots are toys, simple enough, but these guys come with a 10-15 page manual with a list of various games you can play with them, The Gigabot has the usual furby sensors and when it its too dark for him, he will go to sleep. He is very similar to the Robonagi and has a voice which is a cross between Robonagi and Furbish but still retains the Robonagi's baseball tune when starting up.  The lack of a decent method of playing games with the Gigabot quite limited the interaction between the Gigabot and the owner. Gigabot has silver eyes, Antennas for ears and a Big metalic beak (The main characteristic that defines Gigabot as a Furby clone) With a red button for his tounge.


The Gigabot is a gray Furby fake that has feet-like cups, two arms that he can move his hands, and two antennaes, just like Robonagi and his remake, Bulinagi. He has a speaker on his tummy, with two useless bumps and a button. His beak looks like a pair of teel lips. He has no eyebrows, and all Gigabots have gray eyes. He has 3 holes above his eyes, an infrared reciever, an infrared sender, and another light for decoration (you can later add its use).In the back, it has a backpack, another item it shares with Robonagi. Also Robonagi makes similar sounds.Some people even rumor that its voice sounds like a circuit bent Furbish voice.


Despite his box saying he's the smartest robot in his cosmos, he is not that smart.

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