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Fussby, (top left) Twittby, (top middle) Wittby, (top right) Loveby, (bottom left) Scoffby (bottom middle) and Nerdby (bottom right)

Furby Party Rockers Launched Feb, 28th 2013 for USD $19.99.

The Party Rocker can sing and chat with Furby 2012 and other Party Rockers, has a new voice and can be used with the app for IOS and Android. (it's compatible with most features.)

It only speaks Furbish. So far,  there are 4 colors total in gen 1.  Generation 2 of 2013 with 2 new Party Rockers. (Wittby and Nerdby)

It was confirmed as a new years day surprise from Hasbro on the official    Facebook. They're something like furbies,yet it's safe to say they're not anything like them. They have light up "holographic" eyes that "move" as you rock them. There is a video and according to the video, they have a lower frequency.

Although they are called "Furby Party Rockers", Many fans belived they were the official Babies of generation 3.0. However, Hasbro trademarked Furby BOOM! and Furblings shortly afterwards, Leading many fans to belive that Furblings may in fact be the true babies of the new generation. Furblings, Furby BOOM! Will release this fall. Wittby and Nerdby will come out this summer.