Furby's PersonalititesEdit

My furby isn't the personality I want. How do I change it?

  • Angry Personality (male) -  Furby will act grumpy and irritable. Similar to Shelby's personality. Get this by overfeeding/shaking. 
  • Diva Personality (female) - Furby may turn into this personality if it listens to music for an extended period of time. Don't play too much music!  Matches the Funky Furby personality.
  • Valley Girl Personality (female) - Somewhat resembles a stereotypical teenage girl. Get this by talking for a long time. 
  • Cute Personality (female) - Furby will act friendly and sing a lot. This personality is somewhat like Furby Baby 1999. Get this by repeatedly petting it.
  • Crazy Personality (male) - Comedic and funny personality. Furby will often have laughing fits over almost anything. Get by pulling its tail.
  • Default (gender neutal) - Unlockable when you put in batteries for the VERY first time, or preform a Hard Re-Start (Hold the tounge sensor down while pulling Furby's Tail for 5 seconds).

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Question about FurbyEdit

Q.Does Furby only speak Furbish?

A.When you play with Furby long enough, you may notice that it is starting to speak English. Play with it a lot to get it to speak more!

Q.Will Furby talk to another Furby?

A.Furby knows when another Furby is present and will strike up a conversation. They may even sing together. Warning: Some get along; others do not.

Q.Can Furby dance?

A.Furby has beat detection and will dance to your music (make sure to pump the volume).

Q.Wait, if furby doesn't really converse with me, how does it talk to Furbys?

A.They communicate using high-pitched radio frequency. 

Q.Do certain personalities have different likes/dislikes?

A. Yes. These may range from food preferences to song preferences and everything in between.

Q.Does Furby change back to default? (the mode it started with).

A.Yes. This is done by preforming a Hard Re-Start. See Above for details.