Furby talk 2
Furby Buddies are Stuffed furbys realeased in 1999 by Tiger Electronics. There are 4 Variations of Furby buddies: Talking Buddies, Beanbag Buddies, Shake and Squeak Buddies, and Furby 2012 Buddies.

Talking Furby BuddiesEdit

Talking Furby Buddies were released shortly after the non-electronic Furby Buddies. Each one takes 2 AA Batteries and says 5 different phrases. Unlike non-electronic Furby Buddies which came in the colors of Furby Generations 1-3, Talking Furby Buddies came in These colours (colors listed in order from body, to tummy, to mane.): Purple Red and yellow, Pink Purple and Orange, Blue Yellow and Red, Orange Green and Blue, Blue

Yellow and green, Yellow Red and Purple.

Basic Beanbag BuddiesEdit

These were the first Furby Buddies to be released. Each one had a big tag with a randomized name on it, And they came in all of the Colours of Generation 1, Generation 2, and Generation 3. They also came with one of four eye colours, just like their robotic counterparts. They are simple beanbag plush, similar to the then popular beanie babies. Originally, there were supposed to be 5 Generations worth, the last two resembling the last 2 prototype furby generations.

Limited Edition Furby BuddiesEdit

There are two Limited Edition Furby Buddies. Kid Cuisine talking buddy, And Chicago Cubs Buddy. Though the kid kid cuisine buddy is very rare (It was given to second place winners of the kid cuisine competition), The Chicago Cubs Buddy was only given out 6/3/2000 at Wrigley Field, so only people who went to that game got the furby. The Buddies That were not given out were never seen again, making this one of the rarest furbys in the world.

Furby Buddies 2012Edit

Furby Buddies 2012 were released just in time for christmas 2012. Each one is an inch shorter than a standard 2012 furby. They come in the colours and personalities of the first generation of furby 2012. They do not speak.