These are the current personalities Furby Boom can obtain.

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Sweet PersonalityEdit

This personality resembles the 2012 Princess personality. This is also the default personality for Furby Boom. It loves being petted, hugged, and tickled, while it dislikes its tail getting pulled or being tilted. It is represented as a calm furby with flowers on its left ear, with hearts surrounding it.

Hyper PersonalityEdit

This personality resembles the 2012 Valley Girl personality. This can be obtained by talking to it a lot or tickling it. This personality doesn't enjoy eating as much as other personalities, because it prefers to chat. It also loves to shout and cheer. It is represented as a Furby creating a tornado with the words "Blah" around it.

Rockin PersonalityEdit

This personality can be obtained by playing a lot of music for it or pulling its tail. It enjoys listening to music but usually is fine being petted, tickled, tilted upside down, or laying on its back. It often says "Dee-Doh" and will sometimes compliment others. It will also fart often. It is represented as a Furby with a Mohawk wearing sunglasses while playing on a guitar.

Jolly PersonalityEdit

The Jolly personality is obtained by overfeeding your Furby Boom. It has an Australian accent. It enjoys eating quite a lot, along with burping, farting, petting and tickling. Some Jolly furbys are fine with tilting, others are not. It gets scared quite easily. It also is fine of dancing, and will refuse to dance for more than a minute or two. It is represented by a fat furby lying down beside donuts and a soft drink.

Fiesty PersonalityEdit

This is the least common personality yet. You can get this personality by tilting and shaking it a lot. It is fine with being petted, hugged, and having its tail pulled. This personality often gets grumpy and doesn't like being bored. It is represented as a Furby wearing a headband, with nunchucks while the words "BAM!" and "POW!" surround it.