Furblings are a brand of furby that was registered with the US trademark office in 2013. They were confirmed to be the babies of Furby BOOM! When a Furby BOOM! creature is Pregnant, it will lay an egg on an IOS Device (IPod Touch, IPad, etc.). The egg then hatches and your Furby BOOM! now has a baby known as a Furbling. Caring for the furbling is almost identical to playing with a Tamagotchi. It can also play games with Furby BOOM and other Furblings. Up to 50 Furblings can belong to one Furby BOOM! doll. Each one has a unique style, personality and colour scheme. Though not quite toys of their own, Furblings are integral to the Furby BOOM! experience.  To Find Out More About The Furby Boom App, Click Here.