Coobie is yet another Furby Fake. It's also know as Poopi, Foobie and Purby due to each toy being identical, each comes in different designs. There is also a knockoff known as Foobie which looks completely different. coobie is unique from other knockoffs because he has his very own voice with a made up language that isn't just Furbish and Pig Latin thrown into a blender and left too long to blend so that it just comes out a smelly, frothy mess. However Coobish still borrows HEAVILY from the furbish language


Coobie is furby minus the feet. Just with cute Teddy Bear arms and legs with multicoloured paws. Coobie and Poopi have many many different colour variations, while foobie has 4. Like other Knockoffs, Coobie's beak is a bright yellow colour, while Furby's is a Yellow-Orange colour.